The Credit Valley Trail: A Heritage Trail for the Credit

The Credit Valley Trail Strategy is a sixty-year vision realized. Thanks to the generous support of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation Foundation (CVCF) and Credit Valley Heritage Society (CVHS) will be producing a heritage trail plan for the Credit River together, with representatives across the Credit, including: First Nations ancestral to the area, local and regional municipalities, trail groups, heritage societies, universities, museums and ENGOs.

Spanning 98 kilometres, the Credit Valley Trail will provide a direct link from the mouth of the Credit to the headwaters in the Greenbelt as well as showcase the significance of the Credit River to this part of the country by bringing to life the unique places of natural and cultural heritage interest along the way. The expected completion date for the Strategy is Fall 2017.

The primary goals of the Credit Valley Trail is to connect people to the watershed and the Greenbelt via the Urban River Valley designation and to promote the Credit’s role in the development of our communities. As part of the Strategy, we will identify an alignment for both hiking and cycling and twenty natural and cultural heritage destinations along the Main Credit River.